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Candle Making

Step by step introduction on how to pick, mix, and pour your own candle fragrances. You'll get to make two, 9oz candle tumblers in your preferred scent. These will need to rest overnight for next day pickup or scheduled shipping. Classes are $25/person and run about 2 hours.

Charcoal Drawing

Charcoal drawing is an exciting way to create, working in black and white with intense light and dark variation. This 2 hour class introduces the foundation of charcoal drawing with varying subject matter and is intended for beginner/ intermediate level. Come and create, learn the art of charcoal drawing, and be prepared to get your hands dirty in some good creative fun!

$35 per person for a 2 hour class.


Succulents/ Terrariums

We'll have glass geometric containers for building desktop terrariums, many varieties of succulents, air plants, and fun substrates to go in the terrarium. We have bark, rocks, colored fun moss, and other awesome bits and pieces... your terrarium will have a ton of personality :-) 


Mala Bead Necklace

If you have seen those super trendy long tassel necklaces, you may know what we are talking about. The Mala Bead Necklace class will feature the significance of the necklace, teach knotting between stones (which is a transferable skill for knotting pearls or beads for other jewelry pieces), and you get to wear your creation when you leave or give it to someone special as a gift!


Acrylic Painting 

This 2 hour class is a beginner/ intermediate level Acrylic painting class, focusing on tools, techniques, and creative play with subject matter. Bring some friends, a bottle of wine, and your creative spirit to have a fun time learning and playing with paint! Register with three other friends and get a free bottle of wine to share during the class.


Private Group Events

Have a bachelorette party coming up? Candelaria is perfect for you and your best friends. Click below to find out about reserving workshops for private events.