Refill Nights

When you purchase one of our black tumblers, you get a black glass tumbler that can easily be repurposed as a container for pretty much anything. We’re all about repurposing, but sometimes you just want that old candle container to be a candle again. We totally get it.

If refilling your jars is something you’ve always wanted to do, you’re in luck! 2 Nights a month, we've set aside time for you to bring in your previously purchased black tumblers and we'll refill them for you, in the original fragrance you purchased. 

Simply bring in your empty or almost empty black glass tumbler, and we’ll take care of the rest. No limit on refills.

We can only offer refills on glass tumblers that have been previously purchased from Candelaria.

As in all our candlemaking, you're candles will take 12+ hours to cool and cure. You'll need to pick up your candles during regular stores following drop off. Please send us an email at hello@candelariacandles.com if you have questions about arranging pickup. 

Refill cost: $12/black tumbler


April 13 - 5p-8p

April 22 - 2p-5p

May 11 - 5p-8p

May 20 - 5p-8p