The Perfect Halloween Movie List

Months with the letter ‘R’ in them are my favorite, with October being my absolute favorite. For as long as I can remember, each day of October is celebrated in it’s entirety. Even into my 30s, I continue that tradition not just for myself but for my 5 year old as well. I’m ALL ABOUT THE JOURNEY and this is just one of those ways I can express gratitude every day and truly enjoy the season. I don’t know who said it, but I agree with it 100% “Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go.”

Once the summer begins to transition into fall, I notice it right away: the shift in the sunlight, the cooler evenings, intensity of the sun begins to fade but most of all the air smells different. Each day, I try to fill my lungs with the smell of Autumn, in hopes it will be enough to last throughout the year - but it never is. I also have certain recipes I like to cook or bake each day of the month; music I like to listen to; activities I like to partake in; and movies I like to watch.

Now, there are A LOT of movies that get lumped into the “Halloween” category: horror, sci-fi, family friendly, and movies that just happen to take place during the fall. I like my movie list to be a general smorgasbord of movies that cover all those genres - with little attention paid to the real scary/gory stuff.

So, I’m sharing my movie list with you all! Be careful not to judge too harshly…I know these kinds of lists can illicit all kinds of agreements and disagreements. I’m probably missing your favorite movie or don’t have enough general horror in there, but it works for me :-)


Sidenote: a few of these movies, I like to watch on specific dates in October (I know, I know - I’m weird).

My schedule: Teen Witch is always October 1st. Rocky Horror Picture Show the evening before my birthday (the 26th). The Shining on the 30th. The Exorcist on the 31st.