Hello to Candelaria's Blog!

Welcome, welcome!

October 1st is my favorite day of the entire year and what better day to start another business endeavor!

Enough of you have expressed interest through other social media outlets that you want to know more. More about me; small business; candles; travel?; DIY projects; plants; styling; intentional living; even my recipes; and whatever the hell else I feel like posting. Sooooo, this is how I’ll be able to reach you all in addition to a quick glimpse in an Instagram square or story or through direct messages!

Like everything in my life, this blog will evolve. It will evolve into something I can’t entirely plan for, but I know it will change. Today I’m excited and ready for a new journey! I have no idea how often I’ll post or my exact schedule but we’ll figure it out as we go! It’s the best time of the year - candle season! Expect lots of fall and holiday things to appear on the blog in the coming weeks. Some posts will be short and sweet and some will be lengthy, depending on the topic.

I have LOTS of ideas for what I can share with you and I hope that you’ll reach out to me if you want me to expand on a topic or touch on something you think I missed. Obviously - full disclaimer - I’m not really an expert on anything. I have lots of experience and lots of education and I’m easily inspired BUT my opinion or answer is not the final answer.


So, let’s start with your feedback!

Tell me why you wanted to see a Candelaria blog.

Why do you love Candelaria? What are you hoping I’ll share with you?