Burn Brightly

Personal happiness and overall positivity is contagious. The happier we are with ourselves, the happier those around us will be. We can all be the voice of positive change and encouragement. And it starts with you, in your own community.

Burn Brightly is about spreading positive encouragement through kindness and honesty. Using each of our abilities to brighten our own and each other’s lives; to set aside differences and open your heart, we can each do our part to offer positivity in a heavy world of negativity. 

Burn Brightly's goal is to spread positive encouragement and acceptance to each and every person no matter your race, religion, sexual orientation and/or beliefs.  With the purchase one of our hand-poured Candelaria candles, we will donate 2% to a non-profit of our choosing. With the purchase of any painting by owner Kristina Thayer, we will donate 5% to a non-profit of our choosing. Each month, we will choose a different non-profit or charity and donate sales from Candelaria.


January - Habitat for Humanity of Colorado

February - Hope House of Colorado

March - National Park Service

April - NAACP

May - Children's Hospital Colorado

June - Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains

July - She Should Run

August - Food Bank of the Rockies

September - Dress for Success

October - Dumb Friends League Denver

November - Big City Mountaineers

December - The Gathering Place