Candelaria TRIO™

An intentionally chosen set of 3 lux gold travel tins delivered to your door every month.


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Subscribe to Candelaria Trio™below and prepare for hand poured artisan candles to head your way!


Get Your Nose Ready

Your set of 3 curated candles is shipped from sunny Denver Colorado around the 15th of each month.

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Breath In, Relax, & Enjoy

Cozy up in your favorite spot, light one ( or all) of your candles, relax and breathe. Breathe in thru your nose, out thru your mouth. Smell the smells. Be cozy.


How often will I get this?

Once a month! We'll ship around the 15th of each month. We'll show off the scents on Instagram around the 1st when everyone has hopefully already received their box. (this means that this box WILL NOT ship right when you buy it! It'll ship in the middle of the month)

Intentionally chosen set of 3? Do I get to pick my set of 3?

From our gold tin collection of 30 fragrances, we’ll choose 3 for you that reflect the month ahead. And when we launch a new fragrance, you’ll be the FIRST to get it before we release it online OR in store. All of our tins are available online and in store for you to purchase anytime — BUT you won't get a discount OR free shipping! If you LOVE LOVE LOVE the scent you get as a subscriber, you can buy more of it all month long at

What's in the box?

Three, 6oz lux gold tins (75+ hour burntime!) and a pack of matches, shipped safely in a tube!

How much does it cost?

$30 per month with shipping included — That’s over 20% off the list price of 3 travel tins! Feel free to cancel anytime.

“I’ll burn anything Candelaria makes. Your fragrances are ALWAYS perfect . I seriously love them all!”

“I’m always burning Candelaria! Now I can burn 3 at a time!”

2019 Fragrance Delivery Schedule


MARCH - Copper, Garnet, Jasper

APRIL - Jade, Pearl, Stardust

MAY - Basalt, Cobalt, Lapis

JUNE - Coral, Galena, Terra

JULY - Ruby, Turquoise, Bloodstone

AUGUST - Moonstone, Onyx, Citrine

SEPTEMBER - Obsidian, Peridot, Sapphire

OCTOBER - Opalite, Rose Quartz, Amethyst

NOVEMBER - Gneiss, Topaz, Tiger’s Eye

DECEMBER - Breccia, Emerald, Sandstone